Met Oval Partners with Bramley Core to Implement Club-Wide Nutrition Plan

The Metropolitan Oval Academy is delighted to announce its partnership with Bramley Core International Soccer Consultancy. Through this partnership, Met Oval players of all ages will gain access to English Premier League quality nutrition plans that will serve to enhance their on-field performance, physical and mental health, and overall well-being.  

Based in the United Kingdom, Bramley Core offers a 360º educational support system to help players of all levels maximize their ability and achieve excellence. James Parry, founder and owner of Bramley Core, is from the town of Chester, United Kingdom and has tremendous soccer experience that includes youth coaching at Liverpool Football Club, and talent identification and recruitment at Fulham Football Club. Parry founded Bramley Core with the mission of matching the best with the best in the global soccer community.

When asked about his interest in creating a partnership with Met Oval, the Bramley Core owner said, “I think that Met Oval is looking at the 'bigger picture' and demonstrating a willingness to provide a better educational support system to the club’s players and families. The decision to invest in a specialized nutrition plan shows a clear statement of intent to the surrounding youth soccer community: Met Oval will develop healthier, stronger, and fitter players.”

The Met Oval – Bramley Core partnership will focus on implementing a club-wide nutrition plan that will benefit all Met Oval players and teams in a number of ways. These unique nutrition plans have been created and developed by sports science and performance nutrition experts who have experience working with English Premier League soccer players on a daily basis. Through implementation of the Bramley Core nutrition plan, Met Oval players will develop good eating habits and experience improved physical performance, particularly in the following areas:

·      Increased flexibility and range of motion

·      Higher energy levels

·      Quicker reactions

·      Greater alertness

·      Healthier digestion

·      Injury prevention

·      Reduced illness / higher attendance


They will learn the basic science and medicinal values associated with different types of food, and gain a deeper understanding of food preparation, meal timings, portion sizes, supplementation, and hydration. Moreover, they will develop good sleeping habits and improve their overall game preparation and performance. Most importantly, Met Oval players will be more energized and enthusiastic about developing their skills in training, competing in games and tournaments, and achieving excellence.


Everyone at Met Oval is tremendously excited about this partnership. The Met Oval board of directors and coaching staff firmly believes it is an important step for the development of our club and for US youth soccer more broadly: 

“Nutrition is a very important part of being a soccer player. Players are often so focused on the on-field training that they forget to maintain discipline with their off-the-field training (i.e. nutrition, rest, individual ball-work, etc.). This nutrition plan will help our coaching staff better prepare players for training and for games.  Most importantly, however, we will have healthier kids overall.”

Hugo Guzman, Assistant Technical Director


“As thought leaders in US youth soccer, Met Oval strives to provide the best individual development environment for players. Our Center of Excellence must stretch beyond our facility borders and help players maintain healthy lifestyles. The Bramley Core partnership is an important part of our ongoing efforts in this regard."

Jeff Saunders, Sporting Director


Met Oval aspires to be a prominent thought-leader within the US youth soccer community and to continue to emerge as a Youth Center of Excellence.