Met Oval Player Profile - Kameron Blaise

Based out of Suffolk County, Long Island, Kameron Blaise has traveled the globe following his passion – soccer. Extended stays in both Italy and Brazil have helped with his development as has his last two plus years with Metropolitan Oval.

Kameron (16, birth year 2001) is primarily a left winger that likes to cut inside to use his more powerful right foot. Occasionally Kameron also plays on the right side or even up top as a striker. He is known for his speed and technical ability and relishes a chance to take on defenders one vs. one.

The Haitian Football Federation noticed Kameron slightly over one year ago and invited him for a trial with the U-17’s and he has remained in the mix ever since appearing in several friendly matches to date. Kameron has been invited to an upcoming tournament in Martinique in preparation for the U-20’s cycle of CONCACAF appearances for the next U-20 World Cup in 2019.

One person instrumental in the development of Kameron as a player has been Met Oval Director of Coaching Filippo Giovagnoli who was able to see his ability from a young age and has “consistently pushed my limits,” says Blaise. It was Giovagnoli who brought Kameron into the Met Oval family for his first trial. Kameron was invited as a guest player and given a shirt for the day. However, after the match when he was returning the jersey it was Met Oval Sporting Director Jeffrey Saunders that said to him, “Don’t worry, you can keep that.” From that moment forward Kameron Blaise was a Met Oval player.

It was also Giovagnoli that arranged Kameron’s aforementioned trips to Italy where he was able to play and train not only with his peers from the States but also with third division side A.S. Gubbio 1910, where he was able live with the team and get accustomed to soccer in a European environment.

“Commitment is the key to future success,” says Blaise, who travels 55 miles each way to practices at Met Oval. He has also been having personal training sessions with another coach from Met Oval, Giuseppe Rossi, to help improve his game. When asked about Kameron, Rossi responded that, “Kameron is a very talented technical player who uses his speed to blow past defenders. He is excellent with the ball at his feet and does a good job getting past his opponent.”

Kameron joked during this interview that when he was growing up at first he thought he was “the next Messi” because he was scoring so many goals and better than everyone that was playing with by some distance. Now that he has matured a bit Kameron expressed, “You never want to be the best on the field because that means you aren’t learning anything, and Met Oval has helped me become a better player.”