Met Oval goes to Italy

The players and coaches of Met Oval have returned from their successful trip to Italy after visiting Chievo Verona and Juventus. It was a fantastic time for all and something that they will be able to take with them for the rest of their lives.

One of the highlights was the trip to Juventus. As a general rule Juventus do not receive guests to play at their Vinovo facility. However, the Met Oval Development Academy teams (2004 and 2006) were given this privilege.

The reason behind this prestigious invitation was due to the contacts that Met Oval Director of Coaching Filippo Giovagnoli has with members of the Juventus family. Giovagnoli played with current Juventus Technical Director Federico Cherubini and has previous relationships with several Juventus coaches; Giovanni Valentini, who he worked with at the AC Milan camps, and Edoardo Sacchini.

“It was a really exciting day and our players performed unbelievably in the games,” said Giovagnoli of their time at Juventus. “They played with an extra tenacity and cohesiveness that we have been teaching them. It made me proud watching them playing so well against an institution as prestigious and well drilled as Juventus. It was an amazing experience for them.”